Partnering for Sustainability

Rationale has recently partnered with a platform called CarbonInvoice. This allows us to analyse our yearly accounts and understand what our carbon footprint is. We then use this information to work out how many trees we would need to plant to offset our emissions.
Our clients will notice a new line in their invoices, which shows how many trees will be planted to offset the work we have done with them.
The magic of partnering with CarbonInvoice, is that they then ensure all the trees required to offset our emissions are native trees, planted in restoration projects in the Otago and Wellington regions through an organisation called Trees That Count.
We feel that this is the perfect model for Rationale – we are all passionate about the outdoors and the team regularly take part in native planting and restoration projects in our communities. Many of these projects use trees provided by Trees That Count, so it’s a bit of a circular economy for us.
It’s no secret that we’re an outdoorsy bunch and we’re passionate about not just protecting but restoring the places we choose to spend our time when we aren’t in the office.
The partnership with CarbonInvoice is the latest step in a number of initiatives we have been undertaking in the environmental restoration space. This has included supporting remote pest trapping operations in the Mt Aspiring National Park, sponsoring and helping out with restoration work in the Arrowtown Backcountry and team planting days in and around Wanaka.
If you would like to find out more about any of the above, please get in touch – as mentioned we’re a passionate bunch and are more than happy to share the work we’re doing with others.