OUR PEOPLE Daniel Pienaar

Senior Analyst

Professional Overview

Daniel has a unique set of skills that cover several sectors: civil engineering and related content, data analytics, economics, and engagement. He has a background in academia having been a researcher and assistant lecturer at a university for both transportation engineering and economics. He brings this background and breadth of skill and knowledge to his consulting work.

He has worked on several diverse projects including the project management of the development of a strategy for the optimisation of air cargo operations in South Africa, and the development of a business activity-monitoring programme for an industrial development zone. He has also successfully managed the communications and outputs of several workstreams in the delivery of feasibility studies and regulations reviews in the green energy sector.

Daniel is in his element wherever there is variety. No two projects are ever the same and he enjoys working with diverse groups of people and professionals. He is at ease working in instances of ambiguity and uses these as opportunities to advance his ability to think holistically. He is and has always been inspired to improve society with the work that he does.

Daniel’s role is focused on client and stakeholder-centric engagement, providing customised solutions to the challenges required to overcome.

Personal Overview

Originally from South Africa, Daniel has had the fortune to experience and embrace a multitude of diverse cultures. He has grown up engaging with people from a wide range of backgrounds - befriending most.

He enjoys challenging physical activities and is always searching for something new to do. Currently, he is working on his chess skills, taking up spearfishing, and is making a return to competitive martial arts. He is also part of a small team of researchers in economics, focusing on green energy and climate change.

When he is not occupied with his regular activities or friends, he can normally be found reading, attempting to cook, or spending too much time updating his latest data model in Excel.

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